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Disney makes little dreams come true in big ways with the Orlistat us ideal for preschool families. The vacation package provides special savings to experience all the fun of stories, characters and attractions that little ones love at Walt Disney World Resort, including the fun of Disney Junior during the golden days of the harvest season.

The fall Kid-Size Package includes three nights at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and two-day theme park tickets for a family of three for $903*. Guests can book this package beginning July 20 through September 18. This package is available for Sunday – Thursday nights during select travel dates: Oct. 4- 8, Oct. 12- Nov. 5, Nov. 9-19, and Nov. 29- Dec.10, 2015.

There’s a bounty of festive offerings just right for preschool families. Guests can play along with favorite experiences including many Disney Junior offerings at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

  • “Disney Junior Live on Stage!” is an interactive sing-along stage show with enchanting puppets from the popular Disney Junior shows, favorite Disney Junior songs, and lots of dancing and fun for everyone.
  • Meet Disney Junior pals in Animation Courtyard for fun-filled photos, hugs and autographs with Sofia, Jake and now Doc McStuffins.
  • Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine Character Dining at Hollywood & Vine is an entertaining interactive dining experience for kids to eat, play and dance along with friends from Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Piratesand Handy Manny. For reservations, visit com/dine, or call 407-WDW-DINE.

Here’s more ways to make little dreams come true during a stay at Walt Disney World Resort:

  • Enjoy a poolside good time with the new Disney Junior Pool Parties at all Walt Disney World Resort hotels. This 22-minute dance pool party includes sing-a-longs and games inspired by favorite Disney Junior shows.
  • With princess transformations at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney, and pirate recruiting at Pirate’s League at Magic Kingdom, a princess-in-training or adventurous scallywag can experience a special makeover fit for the Captain of the Seas or Queen of Arendelle.

Walt Disney World Resort hotels make travel easy for preschool parents, with complimentary parking and transportation, close proximity to the theme parks, Extra Magic Hours for resort guests, and early access to Disney Fastpass+ planning (complete with complimentary MagicBands). Family-friendly resort amenities, including water slides and splash zones, children’s activity centers and character dining, provide preschoolers with Disney fun around the clock.

The Kid-Size Package is available for select dates throughout the fall season, one of the most exciting times of the year at the Walt Disney World Resort. With Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on select nights in September, October and November, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on select nights beginning Nov. 8, fall is the perfect time to surprise little pirates or princesses with a Walt Disney World vacation.

For more information about the Kid-Size Package, please visit Orlistat usa, or call (407) 827-7183 and speak with a vacation planning expert about other great rates and dates.

Rico Figliolini has published and owns blog sites related to travel and leisure, casting and entertainment news, parks and recreation and social media marketing. Traveling a weekend at a time with family and friends.

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