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Americans Tend to Wait to Last Minute to Book Labor Day Travel

With the unofficial end of summer approaching, data analysts at xenical 120 mg orlistat reviews, one of the world’s largest full-service online travel sites, have found trends for the 2015 Labor Day holiday. In addition to identifying hot spots and top under-the-radar destinations, the team analyzed 2014 Labor Day holiday booking data and found that a mere 20% of eventual Labor Day travel accommodations had been booked in July 2014, making Labor Day a top last-minute booking holiday. In response, this year is offering last minute travelers the opportunity to save an additional 50% on select 4 and 5 star hotels, via Expedia’s new End of Summer Flash Coupon.

Expedia flight booking data suggests that many travelers are skipping the beach this year and opting to escape to more urban locales across North America.




Las Vegas


New York City – average flight prices down 7%


Cancun – average flight prices down more than 10%


Orlando – average flight prices down 5%




Los Angeles – average flight prices down 9%


San Francisco


Miami – average flight prices down more than 10%




Washington, D.C. – average flight prices down 9% End of Summer Flash Coupon Sale
To help travelers secure top deals on last-minute Labor Day plans, Expedia is launching a limited time End of Summer Flash Coupon**, for 24 hours on August 21 only, offering deep discounts on accommodations. In six featured destinations, visitors to will be offered a limited quantity of coupons for an additional 50% off on the Expedia mobile app on select 4 and 5 stars hotels in Las Vegas, Cancun, New York City, Chicago, Paris and Orlando. Consumers can access the sale by visiting Orlistat us on on August 21.

*All flight data based on searches between January to July 22, 2014 and 2015.


Rico Figliolini has published and owns blog sites related to travel and leisure, casting and entertainment news, parks and recreation and social media marketing. Traveling a weekend at a time with family and friends.

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