About Great Weekend Vacations

We’ve found over the last few years that our 7-10 day vacations with three kids have turned to long weekend trips instead. Our kids range from 11, 18 and 21 now and those long vacations aren’t feasible anymore. Plus, the economy had shaken our tree a bit, and we’ve found long weekend vacations more sensible for a whole lot of reasons.

But, with busy lives we’re all a bit time-starved and looking for ways to connect with our family. So Great Weekend Vacations is striving to put as many creative suggestions and information on where to go with your tribe, clan or “the Brady bunch.”

We’re always looking for great tips, ideas, travel plans, weekend getaways, adventure trips, summer vacation ideas and anything that can make that weekend trip memorable and worth it’s time.

You’ll find tips here, gear reviews, specials and deals we find along the way, and a mix of budget and luxury booking options too. We tend to write about the Southeast quite a bit because that’s where we live, but you’ll also find trips and suggestions here from all over the country.

If you are a traveler, your family’s vacation planner or just someone willing to share your advice, tips and experience let us know by emailing us.

Enjoy your next Great Weekend Vacation.


Safe Travels,

Rico Figliolini
Publisher and Family Traveler


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